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Group Of Teenage Pupils Outside Classroom

Advanced Clinical Camp will build upon the work of SF Clinical Camp.

It is appropriate for graduates of SF Clinical Camp, or perhaps very advanced students (remember, we are using graduate school-level concepts.  We will do a brief review of overall concepts like defenses, subjectivity and objectification and the impact of culture.  Campers will read brief but sophisticated articles, and these readings will inform some of our discussions.

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San Francisco Counseling Center provides play therapy, child therapy, adolescent therapy, couples therapy, marital therapy, individual therapy, family therapy and group therapy. In addition, our therapists provide parenting coaching, and pre-marital counseling. We hold talks for the public on topics such as family life, parenting issues and concerns, and couples communication. We also hold trainings for graduate students on a variety of topics pertaining to the theory and practice of psychotherapy.


More info: sfcounselingcenter.com

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  1. Process the psychological distress evoked by the experience of Lyme

  2. disease;

  3. Create a relationship where emotional conflicts and traumas can safely be brought to the surface for resolution, thus freeing up energy needed for healing;

  4. Develop increased competence in feeling, processing, and discharging emotions, which is stress reducing and immune enhancing;

  5. Identify and overcome psychological coping mechanisms that are having a negative impact on health;

  6. Establish healthy limits and boundaries with those who do not understand the illness, so more energy can be directed towards healing;

  7. Hold the tension of not giving up while simultaneously surrendering to the process of being ill;

  8. Find their own path through this illness while depending on others for support, guidance and expertise;

  9. Integrate the experience of being ill without becoming over-identified with the illness; and

  10. Come to terms with the loss of previous capacities/identities while also recognizing the gifts bestowed by the experience.

More info:  http://www.darciespence.com/Welcome.html

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SF Clincal Camp: A Psychological Learning Experience

“SF Clinical Camp” is a unique opportunity for bright and motivated teenagers to learn more about themselves and the world. This is not treatment, but rather an opportunity for a small number of teenagers to explore concepts relevant to the world of clinical psychology in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Topics for discussion include considering our own unique and subjective experience of the world; the unconscious and how it impacts our daily life; how we change and our interpretation of the world changes over time.

Our approach will not be a typical Psychology 101 approach of rudimentary overview and memorization. Instead, we will explore these topics in more depth and look at the immediate relevance to each of us. For example, in discussing our own subjective view of the world, we will discuss topics such as how others influence us, and how psychological defenses alter our view of the world and therefore how we interact with the social world.

Sessions in June for entry level (near-college level work)

Session in July for Advanced Camp (appropriate for graduates of SF Clinical Camp or very serious students).

More info:  SFClinicalCamp.com