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  1. Process the psychological distress evoked by the experience of Lyme

  2. disease;

  3. Create a relationship where emotional conflicts and traumas can safely be brought to the surface for resolution, thus freeing up energy needed for healing;

  4. Develop increased competence in feeling, processing, and discharging emotions, which is stress reducing and immune enhancing;

  5. Identify and overcome psychological coping mechanisms that are having a negative impact on health;

  6. Establish healthy limits and boundaries with those who do not understand the illness, so more energy can be directed towards healing;

  7. Hold the tension of not giving up while simultaneously surrendering to the process of being ill;

  8. Find their own path through this illness while depending on others for support, guidance and expertise;

  9. Integrate the experience of being ill without becoming over-identified with the illness; and

  10. Come to terms with the loss of previous capacities/identities while also recognizing the gifts bestowed by the experience.

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